Glasgow, Scotland

While feeling my way around Glasgow, I stumbled into the Kelvingrove Museum, the first most obvious place to go in the West End. Apparently in 2006 the museum re-opened after a long renovation and ever since then the main atrium is full of floating heads. Cool, huh?

Like most museums in the UK, Kelvingrove is free. It’s been around since 1901 and has a huge permanent collection of art and artifacts, which are Scotland-heavy but international overall. The most recognizable exhibit is probably Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dalí. But the building itself, both inside and out, is very much its own attraction. Church-like on the inside, Spanish fort-like on the outside, it is worth taking a walk around the grounds before you tire yourself out from the art.

As for the heads, they definitely give the museum a more accessible feeling; A touch of the 21st century in the Victorian era space, and a splash of surrealism that begs to be photographed.

Kelvingrove Heads 2

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